I scream, you scream: We all scream for dank memes

With essays, assignments and late term exams keeping students shut off from the rest of the world, when would be better to discuss the one thing that keeps us all interconnected in these troubling times? Of course I speak of the magic power of memes.

Psychedelic therapy a progressive field for U of S

Despite being used for spiritual and medical purposes for thousands of years, psychedelics have become almost entirely dismissed as a viable medicinal option in the last century. In recent years, however, public perceptions about these medicines have begun to change for the better.

Universities aren’t at fault when their students are assholes

Queen’s University is investigating a racist costume party held by students after photos from the event made the rounds of social media and news outlets. While this behavior warrants consequences, their university should not be the institution to deliver them.

U of S alumni publishes first comic book

University of Saskatchewan alumni Scott Boyce’s first comic book, Antique Books, is beautifully crafted and breathes eerie life into an expertly crafted horror story.